Changing Paths

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have been away for a while. Life has been hectic lately. I started this blog in September with the hopes of inspiring you to treat everyday life as an adventure. With that in mind, I would like to share the adventure that we will be embarking on (hopefully together), for the next year.

This blog was something I was unsure about. I didn’t know where it would go. Finally, I do know where it will be going.

To end the suspense, the new adventure I will be going on is studying abroad. I will study in the French Riviera during the Fall of 2019. It has taken a lot too get to the point I am at today.

From not wanting to go to college. To choosing the wrong college. To transferring schools. Then to the challenges I have faced since coming to Pitt Greensburg. It has all been a prologue too what is about to happen.

Over the next several months, we will be embarking on adventure that will bring many challenges. It will be hard at points. The reward is going to be a once and a lifetime experience.

Below is a podcast telling the story of how I got to this point in my life. I hope you enjoy, and will continue along with me as we change the path we are on today.

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