A New Beginning to Jared Hoffman’s Adventures


For the first time since this blog debuted in fall 2019, I am actually going to publish it. That means I will actually publish posts once or twice a week. This time I am dedicated.

When I created this blog, I had every intention of keeping it going during the spring semester, but the semester was busy and I had fallen out of touch with the blog.

Now I am back and better than ever.

One can see that most of the post from before are gone, mainly because they did not follow the theme very well. This time I am actually going to talk about my adventures.

Daily adventures, big adventures, and my passion for traveling all over the world.

I hope to not be like everyone in the world who writes travel blogs on big trips and the highlights of life. I want to share literally everything, including the small things, mainly I want to encourage everyone to take an adventure.

Of course, I do have some big adventures coming up, including a study abroad experience in France in the fall, an exciting internship at PNC, and my beach vacation next week.

I have also had many other big adventures over the past few months including a spectacular trip to Miami and moving into my own apartment (that is still a new thing).

Where the real meat of the blog might be, however, is the everyday things I have been doing to try to make it in this world. Including but not limited to driving post mates, door dash, instacart, and doing a service called wag.

I do have to admit, however, that in the fall this is going to be a huge study abroad blog stay tuned for that.

So I hope that you will go on this adventure of life with me, I really hope you do. Writing is an outlet for me to help me be occupied and have fun, especially when I am alone. So please join me.

One tip for the day before I go, if you ever want to have a fun little adventure, watch music videos from your childhood, you will be amazed about how things from ten years ago have changed.



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